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Jun 3, 2018
Writing Feedback / Life of people in modern world is much easier than in the past. Discuss both views give your opinion [3]

a difficult life in the past?

It is true that in modern time, people can take advantage of the development of technologies for subsistence. While people argued that life in the past is more difficult, l believe that both ancient life and modern life have their own problems.

On the one hand, without technology, community members' life is really hard in terms of travel and medical. Firstly, travel in the last few centuries was an arduous task because of undeveloped means of transport and narrow road systems. For example, travelers from the United States to China would have to spend several months at sea. In contrast, when people make the same journey a few years ago, it only took a few hours. Secondly, the medical treatment is circumscribed by the lack of knowledge and medicines. Consequently, a large number of patients died due to the viruses that has been easily treated by new vaccines.

On the other hand, citizens in recent years have also faced many problems related to spiritual life and environment. Having a heavy workload and busy life, people are likely to suffer more stress in comparison with those in the past. Increased stress will, in turn, lead to sedentary life or even suicide. This situation has reached an alarming rate in many developed countries like Japan or India, Furthermore, my opinion is that the more waste and gas emission released from factories and vehicles, the more pollution we endure. These kinds of pollution not only have many adverse impacts on people's health, but also deteriorate the environment.

In conclusion, although it can be argued that people had a difficult life in the past, I believe that every period has its own issues.