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Jan 8, 2019
Undergraduate / Potential to be a leader- CASE WESTERN PROMPT [4]

Please feel free to comment on my essays and my mistakes.

Describe your potential to be a leader

How do you envision yourself making a difference in the world? (500 word limit)

"Samir, you are the captain of this team", my coach declared. While my teammates clapped upon hearing the announcement, I wasn't sure what to make out of it. I was the youngest among my team members, but I had to lead the team on a week-long archery competition that was going to be held about 205 km away from where we were standing.

Since my teammates were in full agreement with the decision, I accepted the opportunity. This was the first time when I realized that I truly had leadership qualities in me. Over the years, I have been fortunate to be involved in several other positions where I was able to demonstrate my leadership skills.

No matter if it's being a class monitor or a president of a club, the experiences made me realize several qualities that are evident in all kinds of leaders. I believe that the most important thing in a leader is to have strong communication skills. Thus, I always try to get my point across my teammates and do not hesitate to share my opinions in a positive way. I acknowledge my weaknesses and try my best to work on it. I also try to incorporate the opinions of my teammates as much as I can. It is true that a leader must be able to make the right call in many difficult situations, but I am also well aware that a leader is not a dictator. The spirit of a team is high only when every voice of the teammates are considered before making that crucial decision. To be able to recognize the strength of each team members is another thing that a leader should focus on. The combined individual strengths truly make up a matchless team.

Most of the people fall for the myth that creating an impact means to start out big. They worry so much about the results that they barely put the necessary efforts that are required for a task. As a leader, I want to change this mentality of people. I want to make them believe that all it takes to create a better world is to believe in what you want to achieve in your life. We all have different dreams and ambitions and mostly we are discouraged by others up to the point where we feel as if we are destined to fail. Thus, to be able to inspire all those who feel that they are destined to fail and who think that they do not have the means to stand up and risk failure, is how I envision myself making a difference to the world.