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Feb 6, 2019
Scholarship / KGSP PERSONAL STATEMENT ESSAY - Embassy Track [4]

Hello :) I would like to apply for the KSGP through the embasssy track, and i would like to share my personal statement essay with you in order to check whether you have any remarks and/or suggestions to improve it. Thank you ☺

The perfect opportunity

The Korean Government Scholarship Program represents the perfect opportunity for many people to pursue their studies in South Korea. A country that is known worldwide for the high quality for its educational system. South Korea is also considered the perfect blend of Modernity and Culture, for it is undoubtly a leader in modern technology and innovation, all while keeping its traditional side and preserving its culture. Studying in South Korea has been my dream since the age of 16 years old, when looking for the best universities and countries for higher education all across the world, I had came upon a list that enumerated the many advantages that Korea offers compared to other countries, especially in the engineering field. I believe that being an engineer goes deeper than the technical aspect of the job, it is also about managing a team and conducting a project, it is about being involved in every aspect of the project to ensure that things go smoothly while respecting the criteria set for the said project. I think that being a good engineer starts with being a great leader. Thus, why I have chosen Construction Management as a major for my Master's in order to develop my abilities and acquire new skills in this field, which will enable me to ensure a better career for myself in the future all while fulfilling my thirst for knowledge. KGSP also provides a great multicultural environment by regrouping people from all over the World. It is also something that I really appreciate in South Korea, it is a very diverse country where you can find people from different ethnicities, which will make this experience all the more rewarding for me since I have already taken part at a program as an exchange student (UGRAD Program) , where i got to spend one full semester in the USA studying Civil Engineering. This experience has been a major turning point in my life because thanks to it, I got to discover new aspects of my personality and open up myself to new people with different backgrounds, it is also thanks to this experience that I've started forging myself as a leader by taking part of different community services and workshops about leadership. I was also part of my university's Enactus Team as a team Manager, it was my first experience working in a group. These extracurricular activities have helped me a lot in developing my communication skills and becoming more receptive to new information, which helped me a lot during my internships at different engineering firms here in Morocco. Studying Construction Management in South Korea will open the path for me to grow as a person, to develop my skills as an engineer and become the great manager I want to be in the future in order to have a great career. All while discovering the incredible Korean culture and meeting people from all over the world. I believe it is going to be a life changing experience!

Thank you for reading, looking forward to read your comments