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Apr 19, 2019
Student Talk / How to enhance my English? [52]


Same here, Im also struggling in learning English, especially when it come to grammar. But you can start it from the most fun way, for instance, start it with watching your favourite movies in English, or read your favourite book in English. However, if your want to go serious in study English, (for TOEFL or IELTS) then you need to go further and join an English course.

Good luck!
Apr 19, 2019
Essays / I don't know how to start my essay.. [13]


Well, I think almost everyone fell the same when it come to essay ;) you already got some valuable suggestions before, but let me add three more : 1. Relax, and talk to someone that can inspire and give you more ideas, 2. Write on your book note, every ideas or thoughts that pop up in your mind, bring your notebook everywhere you go, because sometimes ideas come in the most unexpected time. 3. Do not, procrastinate, start now. If your don't feel like writing, just open your laptop and re-read your writing, you will find something to add. Cheer up! I hope you can finished your essays before the deadline :)
Apr 17, 2019
Scholarship / AAS - Supporting Statement : Learning and Leadership / Education Study [3]

Dear all, I'm Applying for AAS and still working on my Supporting statements, I would really appreciate if someone could review my essay. Thank You

Questions (This is the first Question) :

Why did you chose your proposed study and institution?

(2000 char)

My Answer:

I've work in HR Department for more than 7 years, and Human Resources Development has been my interest ever since. There are problems in the Development Program or Training programs in most company. In my previous company, the training programs mainly focused to the for technical skills and tends to neglects the soft skills and other beneficial subjects. Another common problem is the trainers bring the training material with the boring old fashion methods, which cause the trainees gain almost nothing after the class. This problems is a stumbling block in improving HR Quality not only in private companies but also in organizations.

After discussions with those who specialized in Development and Training and also with a professional Participative training specialist, I feel the urgency to sharpen my skills and knowledge concerning this matter. I believe the course will equipped me with the ability needed to solve those problems and fill the gap in HR Development in general in order to contribute more for the society.

Even a good training program will not be effective and successful without a good leadership and managerial skill, that is the reason why I chose the Master of Education (Learning and Leadership) from University of Technology Sidney. Further more, the study program allows students to customized their subjects. This will be very beneficial for me, because some subjects such as : XXX are very crucial in solving the problems concerning learning methods.