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May 11, 2019
Writing Feedback / IELTS WRITING TASK 2: Purposes of films [4]

Some sentences are confusing and have vague meaning.
For example, "a mainstream recreational pursuit" does not mean "it can instill multiple lessons in itself" but the way you wrote your sentence interprets that it means.

Or "films should serve the novel ..." ---> what does it inform its audiences?
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Apr 27, 2019
Writing Feedback / Today some people have to work away from their family. What are the advantages and disadvantages? [4]

living and working away from home

For many people, sacrifices have to be made to do jobs. To keep our position, we do whatever is required and go wherever needs to be. It is common for people to leave their families and work elsewhere. In this essay I will analyse pros and cons of this situation.

Being away from home can help people be more focused and as a result can get promotion at work quicker. If we are close to our house and be with family every day, we may be distracted by home issues or interupted by our children and spouse. Whatever we are doing, when we put 100% of our thought and energy to it, we become very efficient and even very creative. Another benefit of staying away from home is that we have more time for self. Sometimes responsibilities for work and family keep us busy and do not think about taking care of ourselves. I used to enjoy reading books a lot but I stop that habit after I have my first child. In the last six months my company sent me to Singapore to support operation process there, I have started to my hobby again and feel very happy. I realise that going back home I have to allocate time for books that I want to read as they are very important food for my mind and my soul.

What are the drawbacks of working in a distant place and cannot meet our family daily? There are many. The most noticeable disadvantage is the feeling of loneliness. Even though we always have our colleagues and new friends at work, they can not compensate family relationship. Whenever going back to our room, we will miss our parents, spouse or children who always welcome us after we are back from work. We also miss the stories they share with us about what have been happening in their worlds. In difficult situations such as being sick or having challenges at work, we know we even need our family more. They are always beside us and take care of our wellbeing. From my experience, my husband cannot always help me to find a solution to my issue but he will listen to me and encourage met to be decisive and brave. Without him besides, I think that I will be less confident at work and in life in general.

In conclusion, there exist both positive and negative effects on any one who has to stay away from home and work elsewhere. Before choosing to reallocate for a job, we need to prepare ourselves in advance by analysing what we will expect. I believe that living and working away from home is always very interesting experience for any of us.