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Sep 11, 2019
Writing Feedback / Who should control scientific researches - state authorities (governments) or private companies? [3]

Writing task2 - Scientific research

Scientific research should be carried out and controlled by the governments rather than private companies. Do you agree or disagree?

In these days, people contemplate that scientific studies should be conducted by goverments instead of private companies. In my opinion, I just partly concur on this view point because of various reasons.

To begin with, there are some merits of government which takes care of scientific studies. Firstly, as goverments of different countries can co-operate with each other. To be more specific, they may be able to conduct studies on a larger scale or investment. For instance, they can carry out research into ways of dealing with global warming. Secondly, unlike private companies, governments tend to pay more attention to research areas that can bring more beneficial to society. Obiviously, the major concern for government are enviromental issues and crime rate. Thus, they have spent more money on the studies involved.

However, I believe that private companies also play a vital role in scientific studies. The first reason is that private companies could help to reduce the pressure on government's budget. This leads to that citizens would have to pay lower taxes and the authorities have more cash to spend on other crucial areas such as education, military and medical. Another reason is that the top priority of companies is to earn more money, they would have more motivation to conduct research more quickly and more effficiently.

In conclusion, for all the reasons I mentioned in this essay, I hold belief that studies need to conduct not only by goverment but also by companies.