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Nov 28, 2019
Undergraduate / Enriched through learning - UBC application question, what is important to you and why? [2]

This is a draft of a UBC personal application question, and I was wondering how I could improve it. Any feedback is appreciated :)

hard work leads to success

The most important qualities for me are taking the initiative and hard work because I believe that these qualities are imperative for success. In grade 10, I decided that I wanted to enrich my learning, and I went to an extracurricular math class. As I joined mid-way through the year, I was not caught up on topics the class had covered, and every lesson was challenging to understand. I remember the first unit I learned there was about quadratic word problems. Without prior knowledge of solving parabolas, I was left with the responsibility of figuring out how to do so because the class was moving through the content quickly. I remember thinking every time I went that I wanted to quit because of the amount of work involved; however, I stuck with it. I worked hard by doing additional homework I found online, in addition to assigned work, and eventually succeeded in solving quadratic word problems.

If I had quit when I thought the work was too much, I would not be as successful in mathematics today. For instance, after attending the math class for a few months, my hard work started to show results, and I saw a steady rise in test marks. These marks eventually bumped me up from 80% to a final grade of 86% in precalculus 11. From this experience, I learned that success does not come without hard work, as well as that one must take the initiative for their education to succeed in school.