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Nov 29, 2019
Writing Feedback / Online Studing - Positive or Negative? - IELTS Writing Task 2 [2]

distance learning evaluation

In these days, distance learning has aroused people's discussion. People can get their diplomas, degrees or certificates at home by studying online courses, which has been provided by many universities and institutions. Some people think this trend is a negative development; however, I would argue that its advantages are more significant; thus, this is a positive development.

On the one hand, studying online has some disadvantages. Firstly, most of homework and assignments are individual tasks, which means there are no group works or discussions. This leads to the fact that learners will finish the course with little or no experience in terms of working in group, which is one of the most important soft skills in real life. For example, most online business alumni lack involved experience of working in group, which leads inefficiency of implementing projects. Secondly, since some majors require many experiments such as Biology or Bio-medical Science, students need to come to university laboratories to conduct those experiments; hence, face-to-face classes are mandatory. It seems impossible to only study at home with these courses.

On the other hand, I believe distance learning has many benefits. The first one is that students can arrange their timetable themselves in order to study whenever they want. This is extremely helpful for people who work and study at the same time, as well as who have small kids but still want to reach for higher education. For example, one of my friends whose 2 small kids just got a diploma in computer science after 2 years studying online. Additionally, since the online courses are designed for students who live far away, learners can save a huge amount of money for accommodations, as well as a great amount of time for traveling. My best friend, for instance, who is a business analyst, claimed that he saved roughly $24,000 for 4 years studying a bachelor degree in University of Houston - one of the top schools in Texas, USA.

In conclusion, I believe the advantages of online studying outweigh its disadvantages, and this is a positive development.