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Jan 10, 2020
Writing Feedback / People consider computers to be the most important breakthrough [3]

Are computers the most important invention of the last century?

A number of inventions in the last century make our life more convenient than ever before that people consider computers to be the most important breakthrough. I completely agree with that argument, especially in the modern world like nowadays that computers not only do help us in working, it also gives us a huge amount of knowledge in almost every field.

People used to spend most of their time only for analysing statistics and information themselves without any help from technology that we only need 10 minutes to finish something like that nowadays. Therefore, computer inventions have a key role in people's working, especially with the more development in the design and stucture that make it even easier for people to bring along.

Recently, the internet makes a breakthrough in our style of communicating, working, even the way we do shopping. Today we can communicate with our friends and family via the internet using a computer. It is now a well- functioning device that we are able to keep in touch with people and expand our relationship. the way we do shopping also change thanks to online commercial development. Finally, in working environments, we can organise only meeting that connect manager board from any countries that we want.

In conclusion, in terms of beneficial that we can get from the invention of computer I have aldready showed above in this essay, we can claim that this is the most important creation contributing to human development.