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May 8, 2020
Writing Feedback / The bar chart and table below give information about health care resources and life expectancy [4]

The bar chart and the table description

The bar chart illustrates how many beds per thousand people in hospitals there are, while the table highlights the government spending on health care and the average life expectancy in various countries.

At first glance, the more hospital beds one has, the higher the life expectancy citizens are, while the less amount of expenditure on health per person has.

On average, Japan ranks first in the number of hospital beds among the eight regions, which accounts for around 14 beds for 1000 people. Next comes Germany, which occupies just over 8 beds for 1000 people, and this figure is nearly twice as high as that in the Netherlands. Nevertheless, the least number of hospital beds is the US, at just under 3 beds per person. In addition, there are around 4, 4, 3, and 4 beds in Australia, Canada, Spain, and the UK per 1000 people respectively.

Turning to the table, while only $2815 are spent on health care per person in Japan, this country has the highest life expectancy (83 years). Conversely, the figure for money spent for health in the US is about 3-fold as high as that in Japan but it has the lowest life expectancy, which makes up only 78 years. Besides, 3481 dollars are paid for health to keep people alive until they are 80 years old in the Netherlands.
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