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Mar 16, 2020
Writing Feedback / Music being benifical to bring people of other cultures and generation together [4]

music is a good way of bringing people of different cultures and ages together

Nowdays, music is belived that being benifical to bring people of other cultures and generation together. I totally agree with it.
People like music of a other contry, they can get deeper insight into culture of this nation.. In fact, mucsic can touch on our soul without undersanding about a song. It makes us love music of this contry, so people tend to learn about language, residents or history of this culture. For Example when you like KPOP, thanks for the song you can understand more about faction and language of Korea.

Only by music can people in diffirent generations are closer. people listen the same type music can organize the meet to share their collections of this. It make opportunities for peole in other generations connecting. For example, who people love war music are 20 years old, that make easy to talk with people who are 50 years old.

In conclusion, music is good way to close different cultures and genertions.