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May 19, 2020
Writing Feedback / Scientific research should be carried out and controlled by the governments rather than private [3]

Topic : Scientific research should be carried out and controlled by the governments rather than private companies.

Do you agree or disagree?

Nowadays, the question of whether governments should control scientific research or private companies has been receiving a great deal of public attention. While there are some arguments in favor of scientific research by corporations, I agree with the view that this should be funded by the state.

There are many certain reasons why the state should manage scientific research. First, if scientific projects are funded and managed by private organizations, they can carry out illegal projects, especially in medical fields. For example, thalidomide, developed by the German drug company, led to the death of approximately 2000 children and serious birth defects in more than 10000 children, which leads to a serious threat to society. Second, by providing financial support for clinical trials, many pharmaceutical companies always want these projects to bring benefits for them. This means that many pharmaceutical products are advertising excessively, which leads to consumer's misunderstanding.

There are many other reasons for this problem. First, when private companies can carry out or take part in many other scientific projects in various fields, they will not have enough experience and manpower to response to it. This means that they can publish untrustworthy results, which leads to many people do not trust scientific projects when private sources are involved. Second, by considering all the people's demands now and in the future, governments can choose the most critical research areas.For example, climate change or renewable energy, which is very important for human life.

In conclusion, I agree strongly with the view that governments should take responsibility for scientific projects.

I'm learning how to write Ielts essay and all your comments are welcome. Thank you so much!