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Dec 27, 2020
Writing Feedback / When people succeed, it is not only because of hard working but also luck. [6]

Is Success Luck or Hard Work?

Some people believe that hard working is the only reason for success instead of luck, while others do not. From my perspective, I disagree with the statement that only working hard can make people succeed because of the following reasons.

To begin with, I believe having a better growing environment is a kind of luck for people to succeed. For expample, my friend, Judy, who was born in a rich family, she got the great education since she was little and have all the resourses she want to help her pursue the life goal. She does not need to worry about the money because her family is wealthy and make her get the dream job easily. Meanwhile, people who are working hard but lack of finance support might need to spent more time and efforts to reach the goal. Hence, I believe having a nice backround is a luck that can make people quickly approach the success.

Seconly, I think luck happens when we meet the right people. Take my sister as an example, it is her dream to open a coffee shop but she can not find any place in the city that is cheap and convenient. Until one day, she bounded into a man on a street who want to lend his place in low price because he needed some cash. My sister loved his place and rent it immediatly. Consequently, it was her luck to meet that guy at the right time, otherwise she will just continue searching for a place.

The last but not least, it is lucky when people getting opportunies to reach their succed. We all know that opportuinites are for the people who are well-prepared. From my viewpoint, well-prepared is not enough, we need luck to meet these precious chances. For instance, if my father never get a chance to promote in his department,he would not know how capable he is to manage the company and bring the company to a bigger success. That is how opportunity gives your life an unexpected suprise.

To sum up, because of the evironment which we growing up , the people we meet and opportunities we have, I believe that luck is an important element for people to succeed.