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Mar 25, 2021
Writing Feedback / Topic: Some people believe that children are required to obey the rules of their parents and teacher [2]

Family and school rules for children

While an argument that children should be imposed strict regulations of parents and teachers is advocated by many mature people, the rest of society are afraid that children will not prepare adequately when they get adulthood. This essay will discuss both these points of view and indicate an own favour of the later.

On the one hands, by living under proper and strict rules, children will enhance their sense of responsibility and discipline. In other words, children tend to accommodate their behavior to surrounding, thus, only by creating appropriate household rules that can parents influnce and shape their children behaviour to the fullest growth. Moreover, because of the complexity of school, such as racism, violence, and so forth, teachers and management committee of schools should establish close regulations so that educating and impacting positively on students' characteristics. For instance of a rule that can influence effectively on children is that: "Regardless of their station, educational level, or where they are, they would treat everyone equally and respectfully".

On the other hands, if children must endure too much controlling from mature people, they will not develop comprehensively. In other words, each child will have their own forte in a certain field, such as, music, sports, art and so on, their parent and teachers, however, always create rules to demand them to get good marks and improve in the educational field without noticing about children's favourite and strong point, leading to the waste of children's gifts. Compared to children who are good at learning, children who have talent for art, music, and sports will get more pressure from their parents. By enduring too much pressures, many children got psycholigical problem such as autism and depression, resulting in an increase in suicide of children. Japan is the most noticeable example for this remarkable reality.

In my opinion, children should have a chance to develop and enhance by their ways. Therefore, matures people should not put too much rules on them.

In conclusion, the household and school regulations will be the good method to shape children's behaviors. In the contrast, I believe that parents and teachers should give children an opportunity to develop by themselves.