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Mar 29, 2021
Writing Feedback / Reasons to support the idea of having new teachers each year [3]

Reasons to support the idea of having new teachers each year

In this day and age, many people argue that students should be instructed by only one teacher during their school time while others support the idea that students can have more advantages from having different teachers. From my perspective, the latter is better for the students.

First and foremost, each teachers with the unique method of conveying knowledge can provide their students different ways of approaching subjects. For instance, there are some teachers advise learners read the whole Ielts reading articles before checking the questions and others tend to do the opposite. Moreover, having new teachers every year will give students opportunities to find out suitable learning method that they should follow for the best results.

On the opposite side, having the same teacher for several years can lead to the boredom among students that distract them from lessons. Consequently, this situation might badly affect the performances of students at school.

In conclusion, although some people may claim that children should follow one teacher, I support the idea that different teachers can help students well for their education.