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Apr 4, 2021
Writing Feedback / Nuclear energy is a better choice for meeting increasing demand, agree or disagree? [4]

benefits and drawbacks of the nuclear energy

At the present, many nations on the globe are considering using nuclear power to generate energy in order to satisfy the increasing needs of energy. It is partly agreed that atomic energy is an effective option. This essay will discuss, firstly the benefits that is offered by nuclear energy and secondly, some drawbacks that it brings to those countries, followed by a reasoned conclusion.

On the one side, nuclear technology has many advantages over conventional ones. Firstly, it is much more environmentally friendly since it releases a small amount of carbon dioxide. In contrast, most fossil fuels energy such as coal, oil emits a great deals of toxic substances into the environment that harms lots of people as well as pollutes the air of the area nearby. Secondly, it is renewable energy so it can tackle the problem of the scarcity of energy souces at the moment. Moreover nuclear power is able to generate a large amount of electricity to serve millions of people in a countries. Therefore it can prevent power cuts due to the shortage of power. For instance, USA is able to provide electricity to more than 300 millions of citizens since it has a lots of nuclear power stations.

On the other hand, atomic energy also has some drawbacks that can outweight its merits. First of all, building a nuclear power station requires a large amount of money. Government could utilize that money to invest in education or to build more hospitals as well as roads instead of constructing nuclear power factory. Therefore some undeveloped or developing countries cannot afford to build a factory. Secondly, nuclear power is particularly dangerous due to its radiation. For example, a collapse of a nuclear power factory Fukusima in Japan caused detrimental effects on its citizens since they had to move to another area because of radiation.

In conclusion, although nuclear power can handle some problems at the moment, I partly agree that it should be used because of its disavanages