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Apr 7, 2021
Scholarship / Essay for Australia award scholarship (master of finance) Why proposed course prompt [4]

Hi everyone, hope you're all fine. Please help me to proofread my essay! thankyou and stay healty!

Why did you choose your proposed course and institution?

A master's degree in finance will provide an opportunity to go deeper into the detailed knowledge needed in mastering finance, both theoretically and practically, an applied and comprehensive understanding of specific parts of the finance industry, financial management and their application to financial policy, also an elaborated theory of the operations and activities of financial markets. Thus, after doing in-depth research and selection, The University of Melbourne (Unimelb), Master of Finance, will provide me achieve those above.

Moreover, the courses chosen are considering my educational background, experiences, and future goals. I studied management, majoring in finance. While in undergradue degree, I assisted in several finance subjects as a teaching assistant. Then, I work as a research assistant and actively conducted research of finance individually and had presented the results at national and international conferences; one of my paper is about the need for financial literacy to use Fintech to increase MSMEs in West Kalimantan. Hence, a master degree in finance will support my goal of becoming a lecturer in my almamater to provide financial education in West Kalimantan.

Financial education development itself is essential, knowing that financial literacy and inclusion in West Kalimantan are still below the other regions due to inadequate financial knowledge and low public trust in financial services. Improvement in financial education will build public trust. Then, it will lead to a healthy-sustainable financial environment, and create resilience to crisis and lead to a faster economic recovery. Thus, the Ethics in Finance subject at Unimelb will extend my insights into building public trust in financial services and fixing inappropriate regulations.

Furthermore, I will have the chance to join the internship program and participate in Unimelb Startup Pitch Competition to support my practical skills. Also, at Unimelb, I will learn directly from professors and experts in finance, one of which is Prof. Carsten Murawski, who focuses on financial literacy research.