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Jun 18, 2021
Writing Feedback / Global product and economy - CAMBRIDGE IELTS 10 Test 3 Writing Task 2 [3]

global product market in crisis

As the world is becoming integrated, an enormous number of nations have by far undergone a resemblance that sparked an in-depth controversy in our contemporary society. From my perspective, this tendency, however, seems to be a negative enhancement due to the lack of vibrancy accompanied by the massive pressure upon the product market.

There is no denying the fact that having introduced a wide range of commodities universally, each nation tends to lose its own vibrancy. As a consequence, there will be a depletion put on the diversity of any single culture, plummeting profit gaining from the tourism industry. On account of the diverse culture and merchandises are pronouncedly attached to tourists' curiosity. Even more disturbing, though, other categories of service will be in a duplicated condition as a result of the decline in economic input.

Aside from the aforementioned circumstance, the global product market will experience an adverse crisis. By virtue of the continuous competition among industrial companies toward similar merchandise, which allows an increasing wealth of product quantity, lowing the residents' living standard. Another negative aspect that should be taken into consideration is the jeopardy of bankruptcy, as a result, a great deal of the unemployed will be witnessed by society. Taking the economic crisis occurred in the United States throughout the 1970s as a typical illustration of what I am implying.

In conclusion, I once reaffirm my statement that the growth in the same product will be viewed as negative as a result of the loss of cultural vibrancy as well as the shakable global economy. Once proper receipts are taken into force, our world will be ever-increased.

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