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Sep 17, 2021
Writing Feedback / The estimated jeans sales of the two Turkish companies and their projected market share [3]


The bar chart indicates the estimated jeans sales of the two Turkish companies in the next year and their projected market share at the end of the same year.

Overall, there will be a general increase in the sale figures of Mango and Jack & Jones Company. Moreover, they are expected to be the leader in share market.

It is clear from the pie chart that 50% of total market is forecasted to be accounted by other companies. This figure will be at 30% for Jack& Jone and 20% for Mango company.

Beginning relatively high at more than 400 thousand of pairs in January, a significantly drop to approximately 250 thousands is predicted in the Jack & Jone sale figure in the following year. This figure will recover to 600 thousands in September and October before peaking at 800 in the period shown. In addition, the data on Mango Company is estimated to see a gradual growth in the first 4 months at approximately at around 150 thousands. A dramatic increase is predicted in July and August, overtaking the figure for Jack & Jone, followed by a minor increase to just 600 thousands at the end of period.

Thank you for your help, I really appreciate that!!!