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Nov 11, 2021
Scholarship / GKS SCHOLARSHIP LANGUAGE STUDY PLAN - My Plan Before and After Coming to Korea [2]


Hi, i would appreciate if you could give me some feedback on my essay:
Study plans to improve foreign languages (Korean, English, etc) required for taking a degree course BEFORE and AFTER you come to Korea.

Before coming to Korea
Related to the English language, I took the FCE from Cambridge University and have a C1 level in English, I am a passionate novel reader and I do all my reading in English so I can keep nurturing the language, I have reached a point where I can read, write, and speak the language with a high level, but I plan to keep learning because exposure to the language is what has helped me the most, so I will continue to expand my vocabulary and work on my pronunciation.

Related to Hangul, since discovering my passion for the Korean Culture I have started learning the language, first I took different courses in Coursera so I could familiarize myself with the basics, once I had the basics down I decided to try my hand at translations, I am a vivid fan of webtoons and although I used to read them in English so I could practice the language, I have started to translate them directly from Hangul to English, now I have a better grasp of the grammatical and a bigger vocabulary, I plan to continue learning through online courses and my reading so I can improve my Hangul before coming to Korea.

After coming to Korea
Once in Korea I will take the language training program and I will work hard to obtain a TOPIK 5 level, I aim to learn 25 new words every day to broaden my vocabulary and I will start to hang out regularly with native speakers where I will pick up the correct pronunciation and use the mimic method to improve my speaking. Once I reach TOPIK 1 I will continue to the next level and add 10 new words to my 25 words goal until I reach the TOPIK 2 level, by now I will have been studying a few months and plan to keep my webtoon reading to help with my grammatical and reading skills, I will translate them from English to Hangul and vice versa so I can keep a strong grasp of the two languages.

By the time I reach TOPIK 3 I will start to read novels in Hangul to keep widening my vocabulary and do review tests in Hangul and English to check my knowledge and correct the mistakes I have made. When I have reached TOPIK 4, my vocabulary is going to be 40 new words every day and I will assemble a strong study group where we will help each other to improve our skills in both Hangul and English, finally reaching TOPIK 5 level by the end of the language training program with an in-depth vocabulary, vast grammatical and speaking skills.
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