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GKS SCHOLARSHIP LANGUAGE STUDY PLAN - My Plan Before and After Coming to Korea

Galatea 1 / -  
Nov 11, 2021   #1


Hi, i would appreciate if you could give me some feedback on my essay:
Study plans to improve foreign languages (Korean, English, etc) required for taking a degree course BEFORE and AFTER you come to Korea.

Before coming to Korea
Related to the English language, I took the FCE from Cambridge University and have a C1 level in English, I am a passionate novel reader and I do all my reading in English so I can keep nurturing the language, I have reached a point where I can read, write, and speak the language with a high level, but I plan to keep learning because exposure to the language is what has helped me the most, so I will continue to expand my vocabulary and work on my pronunciation.

Related to Hangul, since discovering my passion for the Korean Culture I have started learning the language, first I took different courses in Coursera so I could familiarize myself with the basics, once I had the basics down I decided to try my hand at translations, I am a vivid fan of webtoons and although I used to read them in English so I could practice the language, I have started to translate them directly from Hangul to English, now I have a better grasp of the grammatical and a bigger vocabulary, I plan to continue learning through online courses and my reading so I can improve my Hangul before coming to Korea.

After coming to Korea
Once in Korea I will take the language training program and I will work hard to obtain a TOPIK 5 level, I aim to learn 25 new words every day to broaden my vocabulary and I will start to hang out regularly with native speakers where I will pick up the correct pronunciation and use the mimic method to improve my speaking. Once I reach TOPIK 1 I will continue to the next level and add 10 new words to my 25 words goal until I reach the TOPIK 2 level, by now I will have been studying a few months and plan to keep my webtoon reading to help with my grammatical and reading skills, I will translate them from English to Hangul and vice versa so I can keep a strong grasp of the two languages.

By the time I reach TOPIK 3 I will start to read novels in Hangul to keep widening my vocabulary and do review tests in Hangul and English to check my knowledge and correct the mistakes I have made. When I have reached TOPIK 4, my vocabulary is going to be 40 new words every day and I will assemble a strong study group where we will help each other to improve our skills in both Hangul and English, finally reaching TOPIK 5 level by the end of the language training program with an in-depth vocabulary, vast grammatical and speaking skills.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,919 4799  
Nov 12, 2021   #2
For the Korean language learning after arriving in Korea, you seem to think that you can take the TOPIK several times till you reach a satisfactory level. You only have 2 tries before your scholarship journey ends. Rethink that presentation. While Coursera and other free online courses are acceptable, the self- learning aspect does not show a deep desire to learn the language in the proper manner. Do not rely so much on self-learning. You will not really know the accuracy of your language proficiency that way. Enroll in formal classes before arriving in Korea. Their tests and certifications carry weight in this presentation as it tells the reviewer or, gives the reviewer an acceptable estimate of your current Hangul writing skills.

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