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Dec 2, 2021
Writing Feedback / Task 2: The idea of whether or not to accept the social convention of a host country [3]

People should follow the customs and traditions when people start to live in a new country.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

The idea of whether or not to accept the social convention of a host country remains a source of controversy. From my perspective, I am an attribute to this point of view.

The case for adapting to the social behaviour in a new nation can be made by pointing to the fact that it can facilitate the business of a foreigner. The explanation for this is that local people have an inclination to know whether or not foreigners respect their country or not. When expatriates follow the traditions, it will create a harmony between the newcomers and people who currently live there. As a result, it is easier to do business with them as they already have a good impression on their partners.

Another key component of the case for following the norms of the host country is that it is easier to make more friends. It is beyond a doubt that newcomers would gain more respect from local people if they show respect to the customs of a country. This behaviour will render them more likeable and more sociable in native people's view. For this reason, the chance to make more friends might ascend higher.

A final consideration in refuting the acceptance of the local customs and traditions is the fact that it might be a nuisance sometimes. It is vital to understand that norms in this country might be considered offensive in another country. Japan is a valuable example in this regard, as there is a steretype about people who eat outdoor. They will be considered rude or impolite, which is annoying for those who are Westerners.

Thus it can be seen that following the social norms when living in a host country can helps foreigners to open their circles of friends as well as working more easily. Therefore, I agree with the stand of the writer on this opinion.