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Jan 9, 2022
Undergraduate / Understanding and introspection - UBC personal profile [4]


The two values that I try to uphold everyday are understanding and introspection. When I immigrated to Canada as a kid, I tended to stay quiet and observe how people acted. The main reason for this was because English was my second language. When I had trouble interpreting English, I turned to non-verbal cues as a way to understand people, such as their tone, body language, and etc. As I've matured and started working, this skill has come in handy with day to day interactions. Whoever I meet I try to be as understanding as possible and make the effort to learn their boundaries. I try to learn what my coworkers' working styles are and adjust as such. Making these small efforts not only makes the interactions I have with people easier, but it also makes for faster conflict resolutions. As I've gotten older, I've turned this skill of understanding others onto myself. Personal introspection is the best way to identify personal problems, weaknesses, and strengths. During the time I got an academic probation, I took some time and self reflected on what I needed to do to succeed. So, I developed a plan to help me succeed. Whenever I feel stuck, I always refer back to my introspections to see the bigger picture. I look back at my mistakes and try to avoid them. Understanding how others become successful and understanding how I can succeed helped me during my personal development and ultimately helped me accomplish my proudest achievement of finishing my diploma.