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Aug 31, 2022
Scholarship / I am interested in Kpop. 2023 GKS-U language study plan to improve foreign languages. [6]

language study plan

Instructions: Study plans to improve foreign languages(Korean, English, etc.) required for taking a degree course BEFORE and AFTER you come to Korea.

Hello, this is my language study plan for the upcoming GKS-U. In the essay, I included my language test results as (-) since they are not come out yet. Since this is my first time writing a language study plan, I would like to hear your critical feedback. Thank you!

Before coming to Korea

I am interested in Kpop, so I have studied the Korean language for fun since middle school. However, after I decided to apply for the GKS program, I focused more on it. I started my language study by self-studying through the Talk To Me In Korea website and textbooks. Later, I wanted to understand the language systematically, so I took basic, level 1, and level 2 classes online. As I became more confident in Korean, I started preparing for the TOPIK exam with the help of the TOPIK preparation class and by studying grammar and vocabulary books. To test my level beforehand, I took a TOPIK II exam by the Korea Myanmar Institute for Culture Exchange in August and got level (-). I also registered for the upcoming 84th TOPIK exam and aimed to get at least TOPIK level 4.

Although Korean is necessary for my daily and university life in Korea, I also consider learning English. Since English is a global language, I believe it is essential to be able to communicate with other international students. I often listen to English podcasts and learn new words to improve my English proficiency. I also took the IELTS exam this September and got (-) out of 9, which is a (-) level. However, I want to keep learning English until I advance it.

After arriving Korea

Since Korean is the first language for everyday basics in Korea, I will continue to study it even after arriving in Korea. I will likely take the one-year language program because I cannot submit my TOPIK result, which will come out later than the GKS-U deadline. Since my Korean level is intermediate, I plan to get an Advanced level within six months of the language program instead of one year. Moreover, I want to take Korean vocabulary training and Korean usage of Chinese characters classes as general education courses while taking my major. Because my intended major is taught in 100% Korean, these classes will help me a lot with the presentations and assignments.

While studying in Korea, there will also be a lot of exchange programs and workshops in collaboration with other international universities. So taking College English courses as a selective major will significantly help me. Furthermore, I want to participate in club activities with students from other nations to improve my English and communication skills.