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Sep 10, 2022
Letters / 'The beginning is the middle' - Letter of motivation for GKS-U education [4]

I thank you for your reply. I tried to follow your advice and rewrite my personal statement making it clear why i want to study abroad. I am attaching the correction in the hope of getting your opinion.

My name is Annalisa Tradito, and I would like to pursue my university degree in South Korea to perfect my Korean language skills, both by continuing to study the language in college and by practicing it daily.

Attending a university abroad means encountering realities and cultures different from my own, which can deepen my knowledge and consequently broaden my horizons. I consider this scholarship a beneficial experience to increase my cultural background and fruitful for my personal growth. In addition, I find the program in the Department of Education offered by the universities to be very interesting and allow me to be able to further my study in more important fields such as: Child Counseling, Family Counselor and Family Therapist or in Institutions of Education and Child Welfare.

My educational background is mainly based on science subjects such as biology and chemistry but during my schooling I became interested in the field of education. I attended a course that certified me as a "Peer Educator," a trained figure who served to undertake educational activities that aimed to enhance in peers the knowledge, attitudes, and skills that enable them to make responsible and more conscious choices regarding their health (sex education, bullying prevention ect.).

An experience that helped me and left an indelible mark on my life was in my second year of high school. I had a depressive episode due to a major family situation that led me to have to relate to a school psychologist who helped me deal with the situation in a healthy way and taught me how to handle anxiety and uncomfortable situations.

From the age of fourteen I started volunteering through the Italian Red Cross participating in the "Giovani" project, a project that aims to contribute to the development of personal and relational skills of young people to build more resilient and inclusive communities.

I hope this letter demonstrates my sincere motivations and can make you understand how I am a deserving candidate who is eager to make a big change in her life, but more importantly in the lives of others.
Sep 8, 2022
Letters / 'The beginning is the middle' - Letter of motivation for GKS-U education [4]

Letter of motivation for GKS-U education

The beginning is the middle

My name is Tradito Annalisa. The reason why I intend to get this scholarship, and why I intend to start a university course, is my desire to educate and help the proper development of children and their well-being. I firmly believe that a good education is the basis for a good civilisation and being able to help young people grow into adults with a strong sense of ethics is one of my goals. This scholarship will prove to be the basis for my education and career foundation.

I have a high school diploma in Environmental Biotechnology from J.C. Maxwell. During my high school years I studied mainly science subjects such as biology, chemistry and physics.

My professors have been an inspiration to me. Their way of conveying passion and teaching made me realize that i would also like to be that kind of teacher for students. That teacher who encourages you to look at the world with the right curiosity.

I grew up in a family of four: my mother, father, older sister and myself. I can consider myself fortunate to have had a happy childhood despite the economic difficulties my parents faced but that never prevented them from giving me what I needed and, above all, it was not a reason for unhappiness within my household. My family, like many others, had serious problems but having faced them together, it was easier to bear the difficulties especially with the help of my older sister who, in most cases, helped me. I consider her the closest person to me and she was the first person to support me in this decision.

The support I received from my parents and my sister allowed me to have the courage to apply for this scholarship despite their fears of me being so far away from home and from them, but I am sure that this path will benefit me.

From the age of fourteen, I started volunteering through the Italian Red Cross in the "Giovani" project, a project that aims to contribute to the development of the personal and relational skills of youth to build more resilient and inclusive communities. This path helped me to understand how important prevention and education of healthy lifestyles in respect of the environment is, fostering social inclusion and respect for diversity. I was taught how to approach children and use play as a teaching method to stimulate their curiosity and adaptive leadership skills.

My curiosity about Korea is not only due to the excellent education, but also to the culture so different from my own, which fascinates me a lot and which has prompted me many times to inquire about the lifestyle, traditions and history of this fascinating country.

After graduating, I started working in the family business to help my parents and not to burden them too much financially. Over time, however, I began to feel the heaviness of a life path that did not coincide with my passion, leading me to seek scholarships in order to follow my dream of becoming a teacher in one of the countries I love most.

I hope that this letter demonstrates my sincere motives and that it can show you what a deserving candidate I am who is willing to make a big change in her life but especially in the lives of others. This scholarship is my means to embark on this path in the world of teaching and life.