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Sep 9, 2022
Writing Feedback / VILLAGE AND MODERN CITY FROM 1990 - 2005 [3]

The map shows the transformation of a city from 1990 to 2005.

Over the 15 year period, this city saws significant developments from small to modern city in transportation, factory and business district.

An airport was built next to a school in the northeast town, while the southeast development saw a new ferry port linked to a new railway from the east to west town. The houses were constructed around the hospital in northeast town, while the most houses in the southwest converted into apartments. Between 1990 and 2005, two apartments were converted in the southwest town. Furthermore, two apartments were built in northwest town near the lake.

Over the time period, the business districts were developed. In the southeast town, the factory was developed after demolishing trees and houses in 2005, the people could shop in supermarket because it was set up in the southwest town in front of the residential area.