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Nov 16, 2022
Writing Feedback / IElTS Writing Task 2: Plastic shopping bags are used widely and caused many environmental problems. [6]

Plastic shopping bags are used widely and caused many environmental problems. Some people say they should be banned.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

No one would deny the bad environmental effects plastic bags make but totally replacing them could have worse impact. That is why I believe plastic bags should not be banned.

The reason why many do not support using plastic bags is that they pollute the land and the water. Some individuals reuse but mostly throw plastic away as trash. If they are not collected, they would dug in and impair the soil. Sometimes wind lifts plastic bags to rivers and seas. Many marine animals eat them and die. Because of those risks, banning plastic bags seems like the only way to save the Earth.

A big numbers support replacing plastic bags by paper bags but it would make situation worse by another destruction. Totally using paper means more forest would be cleaned. Then, the carbon footprint would be increased. The planet would be warmer and there would be more natural disasters. For example, Vietnam lost a large amount of forest area during the wars. Therefore, now floods come frequently and causes big damage to people and properties.

T do not think thoughtlessly banning plastic bags could solve the environmental problems. Government should have stricter laws of collecting and recycling instead of totally banning them.

I am so glad to read your feedback, it is very necessary for me to improve my writing skills. Thank you so much for your help.