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Aug 26, 2011
Undergraduate / Finding an Identity (SCAD Statement of Purpose 1st Draft) [4]

Hi... i like your writing a lot... Maybe you should eliminate some phrases in the first paragraph because it is a little bit long...
for ex.: I have done everything from staying up all night helping with a last minute school project, to explaining why boys are jerks, to even having saved my sisters life. ..

but all in all very good :)
Aug 26, 2011
Student Talk / How to improve English writing? Learning through reading. [127]

Hi... i think that you should read a lot.... !!!! reading is the only way to improve writing. it also helps to read difficult essays or books and write down hard words you do not know and learn these words.. so you get a greater treasury of words. :)
Aug 26, 2011
Writing Feedback / Toefl - Television & Movies have a huge impact on our social behavior. [5]

HI! i would be blessed if someone could help me with my toefl studies. THANK YOU!!!!

How do movies or television influence people`s behavior? Use reasons and specific examples to support your answer.

There has appeared endless debates on who television change the behavior and habits of our society. For some major reasons watching programs and films continued nowadays often will be linked with something negative. Parents want to prohibit their children too much consume of the "tube". This essay will explore the impact of television on our habits and behaviors.

First of all it is to state that the media has a big influence on our sense of self. Daily we see superstars or millionaires on the screen. We begin to ask ourselves what we do wrong and this is the beginning of losing our self confidence. We start going on diet, do excessive sport and think that pills are ok for your health. Obviously it depends which programs people watch by this I mean if I watch more horror film and less beauty programs it has another outcome like people get more anxious and paranoiac for instance people alone at home checking the house if somebody is in when they hear some strange noise. This shows that media has a lot of influence on our psychological confidence.

Second television has a huge impact on our social behavior. In today`s world we have constantly less time for meeting with friends or sequent our hobbies. This will increased by getting addicted to watch one`s tv show. People after working get lazy and have the only wish to relax in front of the screen. Laziness harms the social life of a person. It would be recommended to go out for dinner with friends instead choosing the easiest way by watching tv. Thus shows that television change and even narrow down our social activities.

Finally watching television manipulate our behavior of consumes. After each program or even during a program people watch an increased number of advertising. Thus we are more likely to buy products ate the supermarket which without advertising we would not buy. There exist even programs 24 hours a day which promote one product continually. These moderators are very aggressive in advertising so it logical that a lot of people already have bought something like a set of plate or knives on these programs. So we see that television decrease even our salaries.

Summing up as I have mentioned above it is totally demonstrated that films and programs and everything what we are watching on television has an incredibly impact on our behaviors and habits like being less self confident, suffer of laziness and consume product we do not need. All in all we should try to find a good balance of watching TV.