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Nov 17, 2011
Book Reports / 'Whats in a Name?' - Romeo and Juliet Essay Help [4]

Essay Proofread please?

The essay is about a quote from romeo and juliet, and i have to relate to life from that quote-
What's in a Name?

Today, when a person asks for a coke, one from America may say "Soda", while one from England may call it a "Pop". Well, as we know, both Soda and pop have the same meaning; it's just the name that is different. Relating to heartbreaking tragedy of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, Juliet states "What's in a name? That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet" (II, II 43). What Juliet means here is "A name does not mater, if we call a rose by another name, it would still smell like a rose".

Many people argue that marriage can only be defined between a Man and a Woman.
Well, all of those people are wrong, No one can define marriage. No one properly knows
whether marriage should be between a man or woman, a woman and a woman or a man
and a man. Marriage cannot be defined. Marriage is simply a name that cannot be defined. Even
high valued sources like the dictionary cannot define Marriage, The dictionary simply says "the
state of being united to another person"("Marriage" def.1). If two woman admire each other,
people may call them to be "gay" and declare that their love is not marriage. Well those people
just believe that way, they don't know for a fact that their love is not marriage. There are no true
sources that state that marriage can only be between a man and a woman.

A person may wonder, why the United States restricts gay marriage, while countries like
England allow it. Well this is because the United States, clearly thinks the Definition of
marriage, can only be between a man and a woman, and nothing else. The definition of Marriage
does not matter, the bond you share with the person you love is the thing that matters. Gay
Marriage is not wrong, and I think its perfectly fine. But some people's opinions on Gay
marriage say that it can hurt the sanctity of marriage, ruin children, and force the society into
serious regression (Gay Marriage is wrong? I think not). This is absolutely not true; Gay
marriage is equal to Marriage, as long as you love the person.

A name is not an object, "It is nor hand, nor foot, nor arm, nor face, nor any other part
belonging to a man"(Romeo and Juliet, II,II 41). A name only represents the person, nothing
else. Well people go beyond and say that the name means everything. And when it comes to
marriage, people criticize people for being gay. People don't know what marriage is, if they do
this. They simply don't understand the fact that marriage can be between anyone and anything.
Statistics on the internet show that many people want to be gay, but think that it's wrong and it's
not proper marriage, thinking this they force themselves to become straight. People should not do
this and they should go on the path that they want to go on. If you want to become an computer
engineer but think they get paid less and forcefully choose to become a doctor instead, this will
be wrong.

In Conclusion to, I have stated in this essay about the topic of names, and the fact that a
name does not matter. I have written on the topic of gay marriage, and how America has done
something wrong by prohibiting it. I have also focused on the topic that marriage cannot only be
defined as love between a man and a woman, but it should be defined as love in general. And on
my views, It should defiantly not be restricted in countries.
Nov 17, 2011
Writing Feedback / Daydreamer -- poetry-like [5]

This is perfect, about sensing your envy, I dont think the person can sense it
Nov 17, 2011
Book Reports / 'Whats in a Name?' - Romeo and Juliet Essay Help [4]

I have an Essay from my English Class, that was assigned to me about Romeo and Juliet. Every Student gets a quote from Romeo and Juliet; Mine is " Whats in a Name? A rose, by any other name would smell as sweet" Meaning, "Names dont matter, a rose would still smell like a rose if you called it something else". From this quote I have to write about life in general, not about the play. My teacher suggested to write about gay people, how the name gay does not mean anything, but whom they desire, and share a bond with matters. She also said something about " Who could define that marriage is only a name" which I dont get. Do you guys know any thing to write about? I also have to write a thesis, and have Intext citation and a works cited page. I have to research things, and Thats why i need help I dont know something that i can research and write about in this essay.

Thanks Guys!