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May 2, 2012
Scholarship / High school sports effect - Start HELP IN ESSAY QUESTION FOR SCHOLARSHIP [2]

I think there's plenty of things to write for this topic as long as you've been active in sports in high school .

You can mention you active participation in sports and how you've always been passionate about it . You can say how it has developed in you team spirit and has in the process made you a good leader in sports and even in other activities and you have learnt the importance of goal setting, strategizing and planning . Also the obvious stuff like how you're more fit ,healthy and active because of it .Sports also boosts your self esteem and confidence that help you perform better in life .

Well , I think you can elaborate these things and write an impressive essay
May 2, 2012
Undergraduate / 'degree in business management' - Essay describing long-term career goals [5]

Some of my long-term goals is to attain a degree in business management . My long term goal is to attain a degree in business management , (I suggest you add a line or two before stating what your chosen degree is)

To acquire my first goal I would need to study hard and work [even] harder to achieve my goal, and become very successful

I hope to get the skills and gudience while at Virginia College, so when I graducate I could pay it forward with the community around me; by becoming successful and a hard worker.

I hope to get proper guidance and gain various skills , so when I graduate I could pay it forward to the community around me;by becoming a successful and hard worker .

I'm no expert but I suggest you sit and write this essay with someone who has good English and can guide you at each step,

May 2, 2012
Research Papers / Research Topic: reducing electrical shocks from electrical outputs at home [3]

Electrical outputs are basically sockets . And well , sockets are those holes where you put the plugs of your electrical appliances . So I hope you get it .

and here's some info I googled for you , hope you make a good essay out of these precautions

* Identify possible electrical risks.
* Repair or replace damaged appliances, wiring, cords, and plugs (repairs should be attempted only by people with proper training).
* Never use electrical appliances in the bathroom or anywhere else they might come in contact with water.
* Keep children away from electric appliances and teach them about the dangers of electricity as soon as they are old enough.
* Use safety covers on electric outlets in homes with young children.
* Telephones, computers, hair dryers, and other appliances that could attract lightning should not be used during thunderstorms.

Thank YOU
May 2, 2012
Undergraduate / "Yourself", "your career aspirations" and "why you think you deserve this bursary?" [4]

You know I think you must brag a Little . Choose your applicable accomplishments and contextualize them. While it's important to boast, never lie or embellish.

Also writing about that person sounds okay as long that's not the only thing that makes you qualified . And it might help you stand out if written creatively with a good structure .It'll kind of give a story feel to your essay , something that the reader will remember .
May 2, 2012
Research Papers / 'Cloud computing' - research topics suggestions? [8]

Cloud computing , interesting

Some research topics can be -
1)Evolution of CC
2)Benefits in homes and businesses
3)Trends in Cloud Computing

or if you want to be more specific then

"a comparative study between Amazon, Microsoft and their different strategies towards cloud computing."

The comparisons range from cost, privacy, permissions, latency, control, variety of platforms offered, services offered, development tools offered, monitoring.

Another interesting topic I got from google is "Cloud is not about revolution but evolution"

Hope this helped

Good Luck!!