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Jun 5, 2012
Student Talk / How to enhance my English? [52]

we are many in the same situation!
But we all want to learn and improve our English.

Jun 5, 2012
Dissertations / Master's degree thesis - Scientific methods for conservation of cultural heritage [2]

Hello! I'm Ilaria, I'm new here. I'm finishing my last year of master's degree and now I have to face my thesis, my english thesis.

English is not my first language, actually Italian it is.

I spent 3 weeks in Nepal in February to study a temple dedicated to Maya Devi (mother of Buddha).
I'm starting to writing my thesis and I really need some help for the scientific words and the meaning of all sentences.
Furthermore, I would like to express everything in a pleasant way so as not to burden the reading.

Thank you in advance.
Gimme advices please!

I hope to receive some replies.


This is a small piece of my first chapter.

1. Materials and methods
Water Adsorption by Total immersion
First of all, this methodology describe the amount of adsorbed water by a material through the total immersion of specimens in distilled water at standard condition for temperature and pressure.

Samples were dried into a stove at 60°C for thirty minutes and cooled into drier with blue silica gel. The choice of this temperature is owed to need to do not cause alterations of materials used for treatments on the samples.

After drying process, samples were weighed to obtain their initial dry weight and put into labelled beaker. Distilled water was poured slowly into the beakers until specimens were completely immersed and covered of water.

Specimens were removed from water and wiped out any traces of water with damp cloth and weighed. After each weight, samples were immersed again into water and the procedure was repeated until reaching of constant mass of samples.