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Feb 25, 2014
Writing Feedback / IELTS Task 2: The best way to improve public health- increasing sports facilities? [4]

This kind of individuals are more likely to give up exercising and keeping healthy lifestyle, so. Thus, such small difficulties like long distance to gym or even bad weather can become a great ordeal

since noticing that more and more people round about starts taking exercise in a new gym in the area might encourage a person to try doing sports himself.

Overall, good essay!
Feb 24, 2014
Writing Feedback / Public health is a big issue. Government can play an important role in improving it. [3]

It is true that the general well-being of people in our society is declining as people are consuming more and more fast foods. While some people say that government can help by using laws to reduce fast foods consumption and change the eating habits of people, others say it is a matter of individual where each person need to be in charge of themselves. I do think that the best policy lies in between. That means the collaboration between the government and each individual.

First of all, the government can play an important role in improving public health. Its intervention using laws can make it illegal to sell fast foods. Laws can make it harder for people to find and consume these kinds of food because of high taxes, unavailability, and no advertisements. However, laws can be ineffective because there are illegal enterprises driven by profits and the lack of awareness among the public about the need to reduce fast foods.

On the other hand, individuals are those responsible for their health. Each of us can decide on our daily diet. We can manage our time for buying food, preparing meals at home. We can save our money for fresh foods and pay attention to the nutrition values of what we buy by reading books or consulting experts.

To sum up, eating healthy requires adequate knowledge and conditions. Government can create the good condition by enforcing laws to allow people more time and energy for healthy eating. Then each person need to be well educated on their own so that they can know what is best to do regarding their healthiness.
Jan 30, 2013
Writing Feedback / IELTS:Crime_nothing can be done to prevent it_Agree or disagree?To what extend? [4]

Crime is a big problem in the world; many believe that nothing can be done to prevent it. To what extent you agree or disagree? Give your own opinion

Together with the increased population, there has been concern over an increase in the number of crime. It is true that crime is a big problem in the world, but there are always ways to prevent it.

Crime is a big problem in the world. More and more people are being victims of it. Thieves, robberies, murderers, rapes...are among the most common forms. It not only harms people's well being, but also creates loss for society. That is to say the feeling of insecure and sadness when losing something usually valuable and the difficulty of dealing with the loss after that. Besides, more crime leads to the need for more prisons, polices and other means to protect society such as weapons, vehicles...So, this may cost more for everybody in the community.

No matter how serious crime is, there are some things we can do to prevent it. One thing is that we can improve the social awareness of crime through active involvement of parents, schools, government...in nurturing good qualities in children, training and providing jobs or volunteer opportunities for young people... Another solution is that more money should be spent on research activities into crime's nature and developing effective solutions.

In conclusion, though crime is a big issue nowadays, little is known about how it happens. However, I think crime depends on social circumstances. Therefore, we must ensure fair opportunities for everybody in terms of education, training and work. If we can improve life quality for everybody, then crime will be minimal.