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Aug 15, 2013
Writing Feedback / IELTS TASK 2:Some people argue that the purpose of zoos is only to entertain people. [7]

TOPIC: Some people argue that the purpose of zoos is only to entertain people. What do you think? What other purposes of zoos?

Zoo was considered as complex to only entertain people, which caused a heated debate over the world. Because, there is a growing tendency that zoo owns a variety of functions and benefits to animals in several ways. In this essay, I will give my opinions, and other values about zoos will be presented below.

Zoos indeed present a highlight to people, which means people there enjoy themselves through the elements which are provided by zoos. For example, there are numerous creatures existed which we just can understand them by browsing pictures and watching TV programmes, however, we can make the scene with loads of animals through visiting zoos. On the other side, it is an approach people can bring their kids to have a short-term tourist, children are keen on some kinds of animals, so they will satisfy with watching these activities of animals, such as elephants, lions and monkeys, etc.

Despite the entertainment, there are two main purposes of the zoo. Firstly, the zoo as a preservation area for endangered species, helping to protect a range of animals. Such as the South China tiger, they hard to survive since the range of their habitat had been narrowed, meanwhile the food supplies had been limited, and zoos breed them even in a confined capacity, rather than reintroducing them to natural home. Furthermore, another reason is acquiring knowledge, which means to understand animals more easily. For example, the teenager's awareness to protect animals can be improved after visiting, which leads to a positive cycle to benefit next generation of animals.

In general, as a commercial institution, zoos need to offset their daily payment by entertaining people, rather than only rely on government in grants. On top of that, zoos have played a significant role in preventing to extinction of species.
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