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Oct 10, 2014
Writing Feedback / People are born with a skill that makes human different from other organisms - GRE essay [3]

Issue : "As people rely more and more on technology to solve problems, the ability of humans to think for
themselves will surely deteriorate."

People are born with a skill that makes human different from other organisms. Our predecessors used it to make a unique tool that work beyond animals' intuitions, skills, and other tools human used to depend on. That unique tool is technology. Someone said that our ability to think and survive without technology had certainly dwindled since our daily lives had substantially relied on technology. But they might forget that technology is one thing that makes us different from other animals. There are so many reasons which can prove how technology does not decrease our abilities to think ourselves but it is an effective tool to help us dwell happily and generate other things that beyond our calculating ability.

Firstly, technology has helped us to calculate mathematics that too hard for human ability to solve ourselves. So it is much faster and easier to use technology to solve it. Therefore, we can solve hard mathematics equations easily. A number of outstanding scientific theories require absolutely hard mathematics solving, so they will be easy if we use technology to calculate and our responsibility is planning and managing the experiments, and analyzing the results by using computer, technology equipment.

In addition, as many problems are caused by technology, for instance running out of fossil fuel, global warming, etc., we also gain a variety of challenges to cope with. Besides, scientists need to think and explore new sources of energy in order to replace fossil fuel. Accordingly, technology leads us to many new challenging work that we have to think more complex and logically than before.

Also, excellent standards of educational system help us to maintain new generations' thinking skill. In school, teachers teach students to calculate in Mathematics and Science, and writing in English grammatically without any technology that will calculate mathematics problems and auto-correct any grammar or vocabulary mistakes. Teacher also teach children to operate technology properly. So we can ensure that our children will study and learn to think by themselves and also learn to use technology appropriately by proper instructions from schools' teachers.

Moreover, if we did not have technology, we would be extinct because our physical ability do not develop as other kinds of wild animals. Technology also prolongs our lifespan as Medical technology has been developed. In the past, the average of human's lifespan (exclude people who die by accident) is only 40 years. However, nowadays as medical technology has been developed, the average human's lifespan (exclude people died by accident) is 80 years old.

Yet to learn a lot of reasons above, technology does not have adversely effect on our thinking ability. But it also help us to think more complex and live longer.

Thank you very much!!!