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Dec 1, 2014
Writing Feedback / It is difficult for mothers and fathers to understand their children because of generation gap [3]

[IELTS] parents are the best teacher. agree or disagree?

despite playing an important role in children's education, parents are believed that they are not the best teachers. Based on my experiences and observations, i totally agree with this idea.

Firstly, it is difficult for mothers and fathers to understand their children because of generation gap. While parents tand to maintain traditional things, the young is willing to reach out and support modern lifestyle. Hence, they force their sons and daughters to follow their rules or thought without creation. This is seen more clearly in Asian countries where still have multigenerational families. Children in these countries often are imposed onmany things which they are educated by their parents.

secondly, nowaday, in order to teach children, parents might face with their lack of time and their backwardness of knowledge. Someones are too busy to spend their time educating their sons and daughters. Others who have a limitted knowledge are impossible to nuture their children in social and academic cognizance. For example, my friend and her parents who usually work at atypcal times, may only meet together at the late night. Rarely is she recieved advices from her fathers and mothers about her troubles.

In conclusion, if children want to have comprehensive development, they should go to school and learn fromm everyone from them
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