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May 31, 2015
Writing Feedback / Radio is the best way to get news, while others believe that TV is better for this purpose [6]

In this era of technology and globalization all of sphere life has change dramatically and television news has no exception and more popular in nowadays. In contrast to this, some people believe that radio news are still sublime for certain people. In this essay, I will discuss both views,

In the first place it would be quite true to say that television provide to us immediate news without any delay. Due to current advance of technology of VSAT which make it possible and convenient. One illustration of this is that watching live news of any incident. To put this issue into perspective, second most valuable reason which is worth considering that is television news are more entertaining which may catch our attention. In fact, people never get bored when they watch news in television medium. This seem to be true that picture is moving around and give extra information while on radio as we listen the voice.

In addition to this, another positive element playing a significant role in television news. It present the news in detail and presenting way. People will get more information as they see in television. For instance, when we watch news about car accident as we can easily observe the damage and route cause and even though we are not there.

Yet, there is dark side of picture which advocate that older people considered the radio news because they are using so long, become habitual and they believe that radio is ideal for them. Secondly, radio news are easily available in anywhere and we can access news while doing. For example, when we are in car and same time access the news. Lastly not least, people will get distract if they watch news in television. This is because, television has a countless entertaining program which may catch our attention.

To put in nutshell, I pen down saying that it is indeed debatable issue which need further analysis and discussion. However, in the light of above plausible argument along with examples it would be quite safe to conclude that advantages of watching a television are complete out weight its disadvantages in many different aspects