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Music Resume: Identifying Points of Confusions & Possible Solutions

Hi Everyone and thanks for helping! Working on my music resume as a part of the Slideroom portfolio right now.

Music is not my intended major, just a strong extracurricular interest (and also I feel the necessity of sending the music supplements to one particular college because I wrote a song for it :) ) So nothing outstanding in this resume, just trying to be fun + clear. If you come across anything confusing, don't hesitate to point it out. Also, correct me if anything seems not "natively spoken". If the long content bore you out just skip sections!

Private Vocal and Piano Tutors
(2010 - 2015)

Shanghai Spring Youth Choir(2011 - 2014)
Lead of two a cappellas: Gloria and Lauda Sion
Choir won multiple municipal awards

Pudong(it's a city district) Youth Theatre Group, Shanghai(2011-2015)
Learned about musical basics and enhanced improvising skills
Starred in 5+ public original musicals, 4 times leading voice

EdX Music History Course(2014 - 2016)
Jazz: The Music, The Stories, The Players

PFLS School Music Club(2010-2014)
Held music events at school and praciced writing chords

English Literature Class on the U.S. During the Vietnam War
and Louis Armstrong (March - June 2016)
Learned about U.S. literature and music in the 1970s
Wrote a Jazz imitation of Louis Armstrong after listening to one of his whole concerts



Personal album Puwai, Puwai(March 2015)
Sold over 250 copies to support Love Link's efforts in rural children education
Included four original songs
Engaged friends for duets and accompaniment
Played piano accompaniment of all original songs

Experience(2010- Present)
Performing vocal at 2015 Shanghai Student Eco Fair
Three-time original song performer at high-school's Teachers' Day
Gold Prize in Vocal and Grand Finale Performer, "Shanghai Youth Musicians" Competition, 2014


"Story and Solution" Theatre, Shanghai(2011-2015)
Helped run and co-direct the theatre with tutor, featuring improv performances based on audience stories;
Composed main themes for 40-minute plays

Dubbing(August 2013)
Dubbed the female protagonist for China's first children's musical film, Ears in Search of Sounds


School DJ(2011 - Present)
Voice of PFLS annual tutor(2013 - Present)

@Holt, I'm just not sure if resume fits into the category of essays, or whether I should post it up here. However, the need for clarity in speech is similar, and I sincerely hope you will let this post stay :)

The task is kind of urgent. Can readers lend a helping hand? THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!
Dec 6, 2016   #3
Hi Zhang, I ran through your resume and I think that there are certain points that you can clarify or add information to in order to add stronger content and considerations to your list. One of the thoughts that occurred to me was about the private music tutor aspect. Since you underwent it for 5 years, I can only assume that you either had one or move singing coaches (not voice coaches as those are two different terms that are sometimes interchanged) right? Were they notable singers from your country or perhaps members of international singing / music organizations? The same comment applies to your piano tutors. If so, then you should mention that :

Private Lessons:
Years covered
Under the tutelage of:
Name of singing coach
Coach organization membership

By adding this information, your make your singing foundation notable, memorable, and impressive. The idea is to inform the reviewer that you have been serious about your singing career from the very beginning and have taken great pains to ensure that you got only the best possible starter training from the very start.

With regards to your participation in the Pudong Youth Orchestra, you do not really need to put the words (city district) in parenthesis. That is not important information. Unless the actual name of the group is Pudong City District Youth Orchestra, then you can insert that descriptive term in there. Otherwise, the formal title of the orchestra will do.

You have a pretty impressive musical background. I bet you will be a strong competitor for admission based on your resume alone. Good luck with your application !
Zhang, there is no right or wrong in writing, especially in writing a resume / curriculum vitae about yourself. I think that your resume seems acceptable as long as the information is real and correct (based on true facts and not a made up one). However, I have some suggestions that you might want to consider. The format of your resume should consists of several essential categories. First, it should be from your past education to the latest education. Then, you can just categorize the education into formal and informal one. After categorizing your education, you can come up with your experience (preferably work experience). Try to also divide you experience based on its relevancy. If your work experience is relevant towards your intended major, just mention that "Work experience that are RELEVANT to my intended field of study:" and if it is not, you can just say "Work experience that are NOT relevant to my intended field of study", as simple as that. Lastly, you can write all of your achievements in the last part of the resume, either academic or non-academic.

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