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Media's Hidden Effects for ENG 102

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Media and Society issue

Since the early twenty-first century, social media has taken off and expanded more than many expected. Social media has had a positive influence on our society by allowing rapid communication and data at our fingertips. However, in many ways it has negatively impacted our society by facilitating, for example, cyberbullying, social withdrawal, and depression. The focus of my paper will be on the negative influences social media has on our society. It will discuss the ways social media shapes us and molds us. The prevalence of social media in our daily lives will be demonstrated. This paper will bring to light some of the darker outcomes of using social media. My thesis is that the media does have notable negative influences on society.

The first major way that the increase of social media has affected our society is the emotional strain it puts on our lives. The content viewing of the lives of those we know can be great but the overconsumption causes us to see the best parts of other's lives and causes us to compare it to our own life which does not seem as glamorous as others. This causes the feeling of lacking experience if one's life that if they themself had experienced their life would be more meaningful and fulfilling. The second way that social media affects us mentally is by the increased ability for cyberbullying. The increase of cyber bulling is much easier for the bully because they can remain anonymous so they are bolder and willing to say whatever they want without the fear of repercussions because of their actions.

The other way that social media affects people in society is physical. This might be a obvious effect but it is a prevalent one. The way that it affects us physocaly is we are constantly consuming what others are doing and therefore do not feel the need to get out and interact with our friends to find out what they have been up to. Another physical affect that is not thought much of when thinking about social media it the physical affects that are associated with the increase of depression. Depression has been linked to multiple physical effects like heart disease.

Social media has become a big addiction to a big portion of its users. The thing that makes social media so addictive is the algorithms that the creators of social media intentionally used so that they came to keep you on their social media as long as posable. Another factor that causes some users to become addicted to social media it the fear of missing out or also know as FOMO. this affects the users that do not want to missout on anything so they constantly keep checking their social media to make sure there is nothing going on that they do not know about or that they are not a part of. The addiction to social media has become so bad for some users that they use all of their free time and every opportunity they get to check their social media.

The internet, and social media platforms that come with the internet, have significantly changed the way we gather information and interact with others. Not everything associated with the internet is bad, nor is it all good. Social media has altered the way we look at society and communicate with others. Communication is getting less verbal and, in turn, more electronic. There is a hidden danger in social media. Spending too much time using social media or having one's life negatively influenced by it are risks. The importance of one-on-one interaction with others can not be over-emphasized. It is not the intention of this paper to suggest all internet activities are pointless or bad. We should be cautious about our time spent on the internet and realize that not everything we see is real. We need to also realize what we see and do on the internet can have a negative emotional effect. Discerning the presence of social media pitfalls can allow those impacted to change the ways they consume social media and make positive changes in their lives.

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Aug 2, 2019   #2
Hello. Welcome to the forum. I'll be providing you with writing feedback on this specific essay. I hope you find this to be helpful and keep coming back to us!

Firstly, you have to ensure that you have clarity in the way that you relay information in your text. This pertains primarily to how you compose complex sentences when they have simpler alternatives. While it's generally alright to be creative, it should not hinder the overall delivery of your message. For instance, observe your first paragraph. Some portions still lacked a more straightforward approach. Your thesis statement (first sentence of the entire essay) needs to be enhanced by omitting unnecessary lines to not disrupt the transmission of details.

While it's okay to add flair and drama to your writing, try to still maintain that academic tone by ensuring that you have educational information scattered throughout.

Best of luck as always.

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