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An animal person - Why I apply for AAS essay

Layson Manga 2 / 2  
Apr 22, 2024   #1
Why are you applying for an Australia Awards Scholarship? (Maximum of 250 words)

Being an animal person, I have always dreamt of working with animals and developed a passion for animal science.
My dream budded into my life's career goal. However, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture was as far as I could get since there was no tertiary curriculum for veterinary education in the country.

I am applying to the Australian Awards Scholarship 2025 to study veterinary medicine through master's coursework to achieve my ultimate dream of becoming a veterinarian. I chose the Australian Awards Scholarship because it has a great reputation for facilitating individuals' dreams and career goals and giving opportunities to people from developing countries.

Furthermore, as someone who does not have the luxury to meet the financial needs of studying overseas, the remuage package that comes with the scholarship parades exceptional rewards and nonetheless is another reason to apply. Moreover, the Australian Awards Scholarship is an ideal facilitator to many prestigious universities in Australia and I am happy such assistance will allow studying in reputable institutions, enabling inclusivity and exposure to a diversified network socially, culturally, and academically. I would be greatly honored if granted the opportunity.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,956 4807  
Apr 28, 2024   #2
You are applying for a non-undergraduate related course under AAS. Try to explain how a degree in agriculture will somehow relate to veterinary medicine coursework under the master's course. What courses in agriculture prepared you for a veterinary masters degree? Avoid explaining the scholarship benefits to the reviewer. He already knows what the scholarship is about and how it benefits the awardees. You wasted the word count with that discussion. Instead, try to convince the reviewer and admissions committee members that an agriculture graduate will be successful as a veterinary masters course student. Create the clear connection that might convince them that you can succeed in the course even though you have unrelated training.

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