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Chevening Essay Leadership & Influence - Learning leadership without status

indahristya 2 / 4 1  
Oct 25, 2020   #1

"Knowing leadership through position and learning it without status."

Leadership is a fundamental value which is a must to have, in order to improve life. I recognized the urgency of leadership when I challenged myself to take responsibilities for some committees at university. The positions did not guarantee a comprehensive understanding of leadership. Indeed, my leadership skill was forged significantly during working as a pharmacist without any subordinates. As long as I can be a role model and encourage others to put patients as the first priority.

In 2014, as technology and health-based science student, I realize the importance of preventive and promotive services to ensure the quality of people's lives. While students focused on academics and put aside their health and lifestyle, some friends and I initiated an event on campus to accommodate both health services. Although the enthusiasm of university students to get involved was quite immense, the diversity of scientific backgrounds influenced their understanding of the goals to be achieved. Inconsequent, some tasks couldn't be completed. Fortunately, these obstacles could be handled by lending a hand and supports from other team members. The gap forced me to make more efforts to motivate them as the foundation and arrange several credible and influential people in each division. Even though the participants gave good responses, I thought that the effectiveness of the committee was still lacking. From this experience, I found out that one of the important points of leadership is inspiration and communication. In addition to the focus on the vision, the team could give their best performance.

For me, my second year working full-time as a XXX Officer in 2019 is a challenging phase. Since the beginning of the year, I was in charge of the XXX process for a new sophisticated XXX machine. Although previously I was not familiar with the system and the time duration was quite short, I feel challenged. Lack of experience of that machine required me to learn a lot, even discussing with some technicians. Deviations of the result were common things during implementation, but the number was relatively high due to some errors in the machine. My deviation reports often got refusals from technicians, particularly for quality relevant issues, considering the risk of the delayed project. So do the external technicians. Because of the limited time, they against some internal procedures. I did want to finish the project quickly, but zero defect is my priority. Despite overwhelming, I persevere to convince the product's risk for patients every time in friendly ways. Even though they underestimated me in the beginning, I could see some respects after being persistence to encourage them about my concern. Also, they even identified any defects or deviations occurred and actively discussed for a better solution.

All in all, leadership doesn't depend on position but every challenging matter exactly taught me to improve and determine how to inspire and influence others as a XXX in the future.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,686 4759  
Oct 26, 2020   #2
There are no leadership skills in your presentation. The student activity was nothing but that, a student activity. There was no reference to leadership and influencing in your paragraph. There was nothing in reference to your taking charge of an important activity that led to an early development of your leadership and influencing skill. The reference is too vague. What were the gaps in the team? How did you motivate them to come together and work towards a common goal? What you learned about leadership is irrelevant. How you embody the said leadership traits is more important.

The second leadership reference is not connected to leadership nor influencing and should be removed in totality from the presentation. You were not in charge of anything but report writing. That means you were a rank and file employee reporting to a leader. You were not a leader in this instance which is why your influence was not recognized by others.

Sadly, this essay is so irrelevant to the theme of the prompt that it cannot help your application succeed to the next level. This will not get past the screening round.
OP indahristya 2 / 4 1  
Oct 26, 2020   #3
Thanks @holt I will revise my essay to show my leadership and influence more.

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