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Discuss the subjects in which you excel or have excelled. Your success?

Discuss the subjects in which you excel or have excelled. To what factors do you attribute your success?

I have done really well in all of my classes through out high school. I believe that in all I have learned to my fullest potential, and that in one way or another I have excelled in each class. The classes in which I feel that I have excelled the most and have caught my ought most interest have been all of my mathematic classes. In my past years of high school I have taken algebra I, II, geometry and this year I am taking pre-calculus. Even before high school I have always liked working with numbers, equations, solving problems. I attribute my liking of numbers and my success in mathematics to my personality, passion and motivation in succeeding in life. If I wouldn't have the passion to succeed in life I wouldn't have tried my best in my classes. Also, to the great teachers I was lucky to have that made it easier for me to learn and understand the complex subject of math.

this is the worst essay i have read thus far. really? where's the energy? is that how u talk to people/ ?
i wouldn't go as far as the worst essay ever written smallick13 and I would be careful with giving people helpful advice.

I see that you mentioned your passion for maths. instead of trying to overreach and say you are good at everything, try and focus on one thing so you can have more time describing the factors you attribute your success to. Try and be more specific with your descriptions.

good luck
yeah, i agree with jinglebells on being humble. Read your essay from the admissioners perspective. Would you admit someone who boasts about succeeding in all their classes? A person who receives hurdles in their path and must overcome them with a good personality, etc. is more appealing.
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