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"Learning a new language is opening a new window for you to view the world." Korean KGSP

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Sep 22, 2016   #1
This is the first part of my Study plan for applying for the KGSP. Please i would like you to go through it and help me with corrections and your opinion on it. Thank you very much this means alot to me.

Here is what they asked for:

-Study plans to improve foreign languages(Korean, English, etc) required for taking a bachelor's degree course
BEFORE and AFTER you come to Korea.

Here goes:

Learning a totally different language is a goal that requires intense determination, hardwork and planning. Right from childhood, English has always been a compulsory subject in all my levels of education. This has made me very proficient in English Language as I got a distinction in my final year exam in High School. Still, my primary goal in language profieciency is to learn the Korean Language.

Ever since High School, I have been fascinated by the Korean Language-Hangeul, from watching Korean Movies to reading Korean Magazines and especially Korean Music right from the onset of PSY's hit song Gangnam Style. Ever since, K-drama and K-pop has been a part of my life. I started scouting for the best Korean movies,series and songs to enable me become conversant with hearing the Korean Language. I spend my leisure time to carry on research on the Korean Culture and tradition. After High School, I enrolled in a Korean Language Course in the Korean Cultural Centre in my country. I plan to complete this course before my arrival to Korea.

Participating in this course has enabled me to have the basic knowledge of Hangeul. As of now, I can understand and respond in basic conversations in Korean, count Korean numbers, read books written in Korean hangeul, read signposts in hangeul, write in Korean Hangeul and also listen to Korean music without being totally lost and clueless. It has also helped me to acquire books and magazines from the centres library for futher study on the Korean culture. I plan to build on this existing foundation. Through the help of my father, I have acquired Korean Language books that are more advanced than my undergoing Language Course. Therefore I plan to study each and every one of them and to make sure I maintain atleast a level 3 in TOPIK before coming to Korea.

After my arrival in Korea, I plan to build on my previous knowledge and reach the required level in less than a year and then completing the course to achieve up to level 5 in TOPIK. I plan to continually revise every single lesson I have until it is a part of me and also not hessitate to get help and assistance in any area of difficulty. I plan to indulge in various activities like painting, drawing, attending cultural festivals and so on to help me build my knowledge about the Korean Culture from thier food, dressing, morals, doctrines and thier lifestyle in general.

Making effective conversations is key in learning a totally different language. So therefore, making friends will be at the top of my priority list granting me the effective conversation I need. I plan to converse only in Korean to the people around me making the Korean language a lifestyle for me. I plan to volunteer in the language institute to offer my services in any way possible. Perhaps in helping other students from Countries that are not English speaking with my knowledge of English to increase their English speaking proficiency for this will strike up mutual benefits.

I plan to completely engulf myself into the Korean Language program as I prepare for my degree program. This would help me speak Korean naturally without difficulty. There is a saying that goes "Learning a new language is opening a new window for you to view the world." and I hope to succesfully open this window through the Korean language program and view the world from a Korean perspective.

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