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How do you see yourself as providing leadership in water management? My skills and experience

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Jul 17, 2018   #1

Leadership in my work field

Being a leader has become part of my life since I was providing my services as consultant (resident engineer). I have provided so many different ideas and proposals to the district public health engineering department. The most significant and realistic proposal was the "construction of the water sewerage scheme for rural areas". Before commencement of this project, the disposal station of housing scheme was the ultimate disposal for waste water but it was not fulfilling the waste water disposal demand and the water remains stagnant in the streets. Its natural surface was below and there was a serious problem for the disposal of waste water in the streets, although open surface drains were present in the colony but there were non-availability of final disposal of waste water resulting in the waste remains stagnant in the street creating unhygienic conditions. I convinced the district government and worked as a team leader for this project.

In 2013, I got selected as a young "Youth Shadow Minister of Law, Human Rights & Parliamentary Affairs" in Youth Parliament of Pakistan. Here, I get achieved an "Outstanding Leadership Performance" award on my contribution in the report "Needs of Dams & Reservoirs in Pakistan".

These fruit full leadership knowledge took me into academia side and now a day, I am working as a Lecturer at Department of Civil Engineering & Technology in University of Lahore. There I demonstrate the subject Water Supply & Water Resource Management in which I share my field experiences and pragmatic considerations to the young students. In future after obtaining a higher degree, I would be better equipped with new set of skills and advanced tools to in the contribute in advancement of the sustainable development in all areas of water resources management, water supply, waste water treatment and solid waste management and hence in my country's progress.
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Jul 18, 2018   #2
Omar, the question is "how do you see yourself in a position of leadership in the future?" Therefore, there is no sense in mentioning your past accomplishments. The essay is asking you discuss your ideas regarding the improvement of water management in the future which may have a basis in your past experience and accomplishments. The idea behind the question is to allow the reviewer to get a glimpse into your mindset as a future water engineering professional. What projects do you hope to work on in the future and why? How does it relate to cleaner water or more environmentally friendly wastewater disposal systems?

While your story of your past accomplishment is notable and your awards bring to light your expertise in the field. I believe that you need to integrate these information into your future vision of your profession. How do you see yourself accomplishing certain projects in this field that will help to create breakthrough services in the area? Try to think about the future in relation to your past and then revise the content of the essay.

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