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"The Courage to Dream Gives One the Courage to Persevere, Conquer and Influence"

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Jan 24, 2015   #1
Too many of us think that we are bound by all the realities of life. Instead, why not dream beyond our present realities and see them as obstacles to be overcome? Doing so requires courage; and with courage you can persevere, conquer and influence.

Simply stated, courage is the determination to stick with something no matter how hard it is. Without a doubt, pursuing a dream can be one of the most difficult things in life to do.

Baseball's civil rights legend, Jackie Robinson is a prime example of how a dream can come true as long as there is enough courageous to pursue it.

In his early stages of life, Robinson demonstrates courage growing up as a fatherless child. Growing up without a father figure, living in small residential houses, Robinson nonetheless became a brave young man who was self-determined, despite all of the discrimination and hardships that he had to face. Robinson did many incredible things thought impossible to be done by an African American, something that changed his entire life. He took a dream offer to play for the Dodgers minor league team and became the first black player to ever to play on an all white team!

Keep in mind that this was during an era when white people believed blacks should be separated. Jackie got death threats against him and his family. Players on the other team kicked him with their cleats and pitched a ball at his head hoping to start a fight. However, he stood up to these threats and still played. Even with all the taunting and threats he received, Jackie Robinson never gave up. Robinson understood the necessity to succeed in life despite the lack of a father to guide him. Robinson remained motivated to succeed. The courage to dream gave him the courage to persevere, conquer and influence.

As young people, we can learn much from the legacy of Jackie Robinson. When challenges come our way it is easy to surrender or simply quit. It is imperative that we persevere to the end...no matter what.

We each have a role to play. God made each of us for a specific purpose and our jobs is to discover what that purpose is and go after that purpose with a passion.

We must never be afraid to stand alone-and never fear doing things differently than others. Especially when we know it is what we are called to do.

I realize that the road I must take may not be what others might want for me. However, I know that God will guide me according to my talents, my abilities and my strengths.

Robin Roberts says, "When fear knock on the door let faith answer" In other words, Feel the fear and do it anyway. So what if you fail! Let your failures be a learning lesson. The courage to dream will give you the courage to persevere, conquer and influence.

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Jan 24, 2015   #2
What is the main theme for your essay? Is it supposed to be about courage alone or the story of the courage that Jackie Robinson had during his lifetime? Those are two different topics although both are based upon the premise of courage. Your essay should clearly center around one or the other instead of trying to deal with both in one speech. The start of your speech is about courage alone then suddenly shifts to the story of Jackie Robinson and his courageous life, before shifting gears again. That tends to confuse the listener. There is no clear transition nor explanation as to why the speech is set up this way. You need to use transition paragraphs in those instances. There are quite a number of grammatical errors which affect the overall enjoyment one would get from listening to the speaker, so that needs to be addressed. Not before we address the theme of the essay though. Improve and finalize the content of the essay then we can deal with the grammar error correction. Just so we can correct the final form instead of drafts.
OP djaz16 1 / 1  
Jan 25, 2015   #3
"The Courage to Dream Gives One the Courage to Persevere, Conquer and Influence" is the theme of the speech and I have to write a three minutes speech base on the theme. I put Jackie Robinson as an example.
vangiespen - / 4,137 1449  
Jan 25, 2015   #4
While it is good to use a historical figure to help illustrate the point of your essay, I believe that these types of essays always benefit the most from the sharing of a personal anecdote or story that shows how you had the courage to dream, persevere, conquer, and influence people. This sort of speech is inspirational in nature and more often than not, calls upon the writer to draw upon his personal experience in order to make a serious connection with his listeners. Keep in mind that Jackie Robinson, though a historic sports figure, belongs to a by-gone era and may not be familiar to all of the people listening to you. Try to come up with a more recent example or use yourself as the basis of your speech theme. It is important to have a story that can engage your listener and I do not think using a sports figure from the 20th century will be as effective as we might think it is. I would also limit the use of quotes from other people in the speech. You should be able to discuss the theme based upon your own understanding of the topic rather than relying on other people to explain the topic for you. Doing your speech that way will enable the listener to get a uniquely new perspective on the issue and thus, create a more effective speech for you.

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