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The film "Exit Through the Gift Shop" about street art - Informative speech topic

I have been debating on what type of topic I should inform the class upon. The professor let us have the freedom in choosing whatever we would like, and recommended the topic should be in ones interests.

Since I like movies, I choose the film "Exit Through the Gift Shop" about street art.

The problem is I'm not sure weather I should inform them about the film, or about street art itself.

I could explain the film, talk about the issues that arise in the film and so on...right?

inform them

Informing them is a necessary evil. It is the part you don't want to do, but you must. It makes them work. People have to work to be informed, and I would much rather carry them along in an effortless experience.

When you inform, you have to serve it to the reader in the nicest, most interesting, rhythmic way you can.

Each paragraph is a sentence. The first sentence of the paragraph IS the paragraph. The rest of the paragraph explains the idea.

So... a speech with 5 paragraphs has one main idea that you repeat at the beginning and end... and it has 3 sub-ideas.

Let's see what you write!
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