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"Thank you speech for graduation."

I have to give a thank you speech at my graduation and i have to submit it this coming February. If anyone has any ideas how to make a thank you speech,will you help me? please? thanks! :)

~it's an elementary graduation speech.

Jan 3, 2012   #2
Start off by talking about your fondest memories at your elementary, as in memories of friends, experiences, teachers, first impressions of events, and so forth. Next, talk about how these experiences changed you to who you are as an individual today. As you are doing this, you can incorporate metaphors of life and poetical devices to make your speech more interesting to listen to, since creativity is an asset in my eyes at least ;). Next, begin to thank the people that helped you by YOU, and not ANYONE else, and make sure it is very sincere and thought-out. Finish off with a clean closing, and you should be good to go. I hope I gave you a few ideas, Eddie. :)

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