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Keynote Address/ Speech to Foundation Trustees to Public School District.

Devataa 5 / 8  
Mar 9, 2010   #1
The audience: Education Board, Foundation Trustees, Regional Superintendent, Executive Director of the county's public schools foundation, and various other important people to my school district.

Note: I am 18, senior in Highschool. read this as if I will be saying it, the "..." and bolds are for my pauses and emphasis. Not everything will be perfect in grammar, I already know this, but evident mistakes during speech you guys can correct, and if it is too colloquial in few places... then please fix as well.

-the &&& are for notes at the bottom....

Here is what I have prepared, If you could answer these questions about it it would be great.

-Is it worth the length?
-Rate it 1 - 10 in getting my point across (can you identify my point?) -however it is subjective to how you interpret it, but there is a correct answer...

-The subtle humor... is it visible along with my "voice" in the writing?
-How do you think they will receive this speech after all the edits.

This is a very special occasion for me. I am standing here as a proud product of Gwinnett County Public School System, in front of you all.... practically the drivers of this large machine. I have been in GCPS since kindergarden, and since then, I have practically been tackled by one opportunity after another. Each of which has played a pivotal role in shaping me into the type of man that stands here before you now. My educational environment did not only stimulate productivity in a fun, innovative way, but also strived to accelerate learning by tapping into the many resources of our current network age. The focus and gifted programs, Gwinnett County Online Campus..., Advance Smart Boards technology..., Distant Georgia Tech Calculus classes, and my personal favorite: Gwinnett Regional Science Fair, all stand as proof of how advance my educational environment has been.

Yet there is a bigger picture to this organization. It is not only important to me individually or my future, but also important society's health in general. Every learning institution is a construction site for future brains to be put at work in advancing the human population to greater heights, weather it be Politically, Scientifically, or through Arts and Literature. Each student is as significant... as important ...as his/her potential to do something productive. I may not know all your names or have ever met you before, but I know first hand... exactly how important all of you are, the covert men and women overseeing and administering our education system, providing Georgia with brilliant minds in the making....

"Good morning".... important people...

When it comes down to the fundamentals of society, education is nearly as primitive and vital as farming. Farmers harvest seasonal crops to feed the world while teacher's harvest student's passions to better our world. And it is this passion of individuals that makes great progress over time. In May, 2009, I was in Reno, Nevada, participating at Intel's International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF), where I had the opportunity to stand on stage in front of whom I believe to be some of the most brilliant minds in the world. The one word to describe them all would be passion, their evident fervent zeal for what they did best...science. They were fully aware of their surroundings and most of all fully aware of their potential. &&&&1

. Mr. Lander's help and input was greatly appreciated no doubt... but it's his encouragement that I will NEVER forget. His encouragement is what extinguished my frustration during the challenging long nine month inquiry. &&&&2 My project essentially centered on observations on the Combination of Ultrasound and Antibiotics and their Effectiveness on Bacteria Viability. Though the primary application of his research pertains to sanitation procedures of surface deep wounds in the medical field, it is also potentially applicable to general antimicrobial practices in fluid mediums with water soluble antibiotics.

It got me second place at ISEF under microbiology... and yet... the 2nd place international recognition wasn't the most significant award I walked away with; it was a change in perspective. By interacting with Nobel Laureates, befriending peers from China, Russia, and Germany, I am now more hopeful for my generation's future than ever. I now see this vast interconnected world we live in ... with a slightly more ambitious perspective...

To expand on this notion a bit further, I would now like to share with you, &&&&3 subsequent series of events in history, that have lead to the innovations of technology and currently make up our current day dilemmas. These advancements have exploded our human race, overall to a higher number ...and standard of living with drastic costs and benefits. Simultaneously... carefully try to analyze who really is responsible for such cataclysmic change.

In the 18th century, Benjamin Franklin first opened the door to electricity's commercial applications with his research. The incandescent lightbulb soon thereafter evolved with Edison's attempts to produce light commercially by practical means. Light gave John Logie Baird's television contrast, and television stations luminosity to perform. Naturally, human competition gave birth to something even better: the LED, a substitute to the light bulb. These little innovations are now found in computers, projectors, even in the screens of our iPods. However, the iPod took one one-hundredth of the time to market an audience of 50 million than the time it took Franklin to harness electricity and Edison invent the lightbulb. To market an audience of 50 million, the radio took 38 years, the television 13 years, the internet 4 years, iPod 3 years, and Facebook ...merely 2 years.

The reason for our exponential growth is due to the small percentage of people in our population that dare to think differently. They promote our growth by accruing our "human knowledge" database... Science is continually expanding.

With well over 1 million books published worldwide every year, it is estimated that 4 exabytes, that's 4.0*10^19 amount of unique information, is being generated annually. The rate at which technological information doubles is every 2 years now. This phenomenon is not limited to technology, it's even infecting language! Take the New York Times, for example. With a combination of 540,000 words in the English language --that's 5x as many during Shakespeare's era-- one week's worth of the New York Times contains more information than a person was likely to come across in a lifetime during Benjamin Franklin's time period.

How is it with so many solutions well documented and applied, that we are still projected to face cataclysmic problems in our near future? Population control, environmental pollutants, and resource shortages. Why? Because there is still work to be done. That being said, it is evident that work is currently in progress -exemplified by our education system which empowers such brilliant minds. My generation currently is being prepared for jobs that aren't even available, using technologies that haven't been invented, in order to solve problems we don't even know exist yet. The current top 10 in-demand jobs did no exist 6 years ago in 2004, and the top 10 in-demand jobs in 2020 likely have yet to surface. Forecasted environmental issues like the "green house effect" are a prime examples. There is no occupation which "buys green house gases," nor any mechanic out there to "repair" this issue. These problems are laying foundations for industries to come. Industries in which the generation in school today will more than likely be pioneering in.

Yet the damage we have caused to the environment is not our only crisis. It is our growing population which stress our limited resources. During the course of my speech more than 67 babies will be born in the Unites States, 274 babies in China, and 395 babies in India, each of whom will most likely consume some endangered natural resource or another. Some one has to address this problem, but it's in the current generations hands to fix the statistics.

So what does this all mean?
The answer is simple. We are living in exponential times. Times in which every day is history in the making. Times in which the slightest spark of innovation, discovery, or research ignites a tilde wave of applications. Times in which the slightest change triggers the surge of employment in economies across the globe, and helps sustain the human population-- &&&& 5 securing generations to come in the current 6.7 billion strong. But the truth of the matter is, it all boils down to basic education... which then leads to research... which then leads to advancements ...sometimes with dire repercussions. We've all heard the common quote "with great power, comes great responsibility." And that responsibility lies with the teachers in the classrooms. But there is a shared amount of liability when it comes to education, because with great education, comes greater responsibility. With everything interconnected, with portals to opportunities well within reach, it is every ambitious student's responsibility to take the initiative to reach out and grasp them. &&&&6 And to facilitate ambition, it is our humble education system's responsibility, because in respect with today's circumstances, standards and expectations have never been higher for any other generation in history, nor has any generation been graced with such a great education facilities. Education is not merely teaching facts of history to students, it's also conditioning perspectives, instilling values, and building morals... the simple, fundamental things to an expanding communities within an exploding population. &&&&7 note

I want to thank you all, for this opportunity. I am lucky in give a speech verses blogging about it on Wordpress or have publishing it on Facebook. (sigh) Convergence is everywhere, it's easier than ever to reach out to a large audience, but harder than ever to really connect with them. Therefore it is has been an honor of mine to be standing here in front of such a large group of powerful people, sharing my thoughts and perspectives.

Thank you.


1: I need help transitioning from this thought to the next talking about how my teacher identified my potential and helped me stay motivated. Something short and sweet.

2:Do I need help transitioning here too when i start talking about my project?

3: Right word? subsequent?

5: Do i need this sent?

6: Need the word "And" ?

7: Need a concluding sentence that ties this paragrgraph together. Maybe something like how my education has been great and how i plan to be responsible.
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,321 129  
Mar 10, 2010   #2
-Is it worth the length?

What do you mean?

-Rate it 1 - 10 in getting my point across (can you identify my point?) -however it is subjective to how you interpret it, but there is a correct answer...

Well, you o too much pandering at the start. I like the "drivers of this large machine," but end the flattery there. Get right to your point.

I am having trouble discerning your point. Can you express it in a single sentence? If so, that sentence should occur near the beginning of the essay. Let's see you capture your main point in a single sentence. I have to score this low on a sscale of one to ten if the score is based on the clarity of your point.

...practically the drivers of this large machine.

It is not only important only to me, individually, or to my future, but also important society's health in general.

weather whether

Each student is as significant... as important ... No, we are important even when we do nothing at alll. :-)

Each student's process is as consequential as his/her potential ability to do something productive.

Exponential times? I don't know if that works...

1: I need help transitioning from this thought to the next talking about how my teacher identified my potential and helped me stay motivated. Something short and sweet.

This would be a good place to restate your main idea again. You need to say it in a few different ways throughout the essay.

2:Do I need help transitioning here too when i start talking about my project?

no, it's clear.

3: Right word? subsequent?

nah, it's too much. Just take it out. Also, look it up. It means "coming after."

5: Do i need this sent?

6: Need the word "And" ?

Don't need it.

7: Need a concluding sentence that ties this paragraph together. Maybe something like how my education has been great and how i plan to be responsible.

again, capture your "takeaway" message in a single sentence.

Good luck!!! Thanks so much for all the people you help here!

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