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A 3-minute speech about Myself

Jun 4, 2010   #1
I have been informed to make a 3 minute speech on Myself,but I don't have enough phrases..
Could someone help me with this?..
Eg:I'm a boy with lot of faith in God...

I would suggest imagining you are meeting a stranger one-on-one for the first time (example: a classmate) and just introduce yourself. Talk about yourself, your family, interests, hobbies, likes, dislikes, in a natural manner. What would connect you to your audience? If these are classmates, then talk about school-related activities, clubs, music that you are a part of. Do you have an opinion on US foreign policy or global warming? Talk about that, too.

Good luck,

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Jun 5, 2010   #3
It sounds like you are having trouble because you do not know enough English yet. English is a hard language to learn! I hope we can help you...

I like Theresa's ideas. Are you able to understand what she means? I'll give you some sentence starters.

I am a boy with a lot of faith in God.
I am a student who enjoys _______________.
I come from a family that has ______________ .
I have visited several places, including ___________, __________, and __________.
My plans for the future include _________________.
In recent months, I especially enjoy ____________.

Try to complete those sentences as a way of getting started.

I'm glad you are participating here!
Nov 13, 2010   #5
*Something special about myself* (speech ideas)

Can anyone give me some idea on how to write a speech with the topic "Something special about myself"??
Thanks you!! :))
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Nov 23, 2010   #6
first google this: how to write a speech

Is the teacher asking you to follow a particular procedure?
If you are giving a speech, keep the audience in mind. What will win their interest? What topic?

You have to make a connection between what is special about you and what is special about the occasion, audience, or situation.

Dec 1, 2010   #7
i noe hw 2 write speech ibt my teacher told me 2 write factual discription on yourself
what is your hobby?
what do you like to do?
how do other people think of you?
how are you different from others?

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