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Pushing to the limits, have fun; exciting and challenging place. Adventure to Mount Everest (speech)

dannel lee 1 / -  
Feb 11, 2015   #1
Question: An adventure you would like to have: Include what you would like to do, who you would see, where you would go, and how you think you would feel about the adventure. What would you learn from this adventure? (Speech)

What is an adventure? Some people might think that it is when you risk your lives, put yourself in danger or break records. But to me, an adventure just means going somewhere else where you are pushing yourself to the limit, have fun, exciting and challenging at the same time. Like what Edmund Hillary once said before:" It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves." The first thing that popped up in my mind when my English teacher first mentioned about an adventure was Mount Everest. The reason why i thought of it is because i think Mount Everest will challenge me both physically and mentally. Since Mount Everest has a height of 8,848 meters, I would certainly experiencing the extreme temperature up there. Besides, at such a height, breathing in the thin air might be a problem to me. Obviously, it will be hard for me, but i believe if i trained hard enough, I will be able to successfully climb it. If i managed to climb to the peak of the mountain, I would be able to see the view on the sky during night time. Imagine all those stars, closer like never before, so bright and big. Besides, i had never experienced snow before, so Mount Everest would be the perfect place to be at. But of course, before all of this can happen i will need to train my stamina, my body, pace, health, fitness level and so on. However, the only downside of climbing Mount Everest is that there will be no WiFi connection, but i guess i wouldn't mind if there is or not, to be able to climb Mount Everest, it will be the greatest achievement i will ever dream of having in my life. Thank you.

I think the speech is lack of some points as i am running OUT OF IDEAS!! So it will be greatly appreciated if any of you can give some ideas and tips for my speech. And is my ending ok?
vangiespen - / 4,137 1449  
Feb 12, 2015   #2
I believe that your speech will be further improved if you can create a sense of personal connection between the adventure that you want to undertake and why. Are you challenging yourself to accomplish this task? Why is this adventure very important to you? What do you hope to accomplish at the end of it ? Consider that Mt. Everest is not considered mostly a tourist climbing destination instead of what it used to be, an insurmountable obstacle that brought a sense of pride and honor to those who conquered it. How does this history of the mountain reflect the kind of adventure you might have? Remember, people sometimes die during this trek. So address the possible problems and pitfalls that are included in this adventure as well. Those are some topics that you can include in this discussion :-)

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