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"... .Twelve years ago" - Speech about My Birthday

This is a speech about My Birthday ...please read it and advise me how to improve it..Thank you so much.
My birthday.
Good morning / Good afternoon the committees .
Today I would like to talk about my birthday .Twelve years ago , it was summer in April 7 . A little girl was born . Parent named her Kate.that girl is me ! I think everybody never forgets your own birthday and loves to celebrate birthday

by having party , also me . I start celebrating the birthday by first , I give food to the monks in the morning , second show respect to my parent and grandparent to thank them because they give me love , care and warm . and the last one , I have birthday party with my family and friends . I prepare food and drinks such as cookies , fruit juice , sweet , fried chicken . My friends sing Happy Birthday song for me and they wish me to be happy . Yes ! I am very happy on my birthdays .

It's a wonderful time in my life . Thank you for your attention .


Your speech is rough on grammar, and I think your should first write an outline of your speech, then enrich it. From your speech, i have learned that you want to write something about your birthday party, and what you do during the parties. That's good. However, You should be clear in mind with what your want to talk about during your speech and focus on that specific direction.

Hope this is helpful!

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